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Bis Promet Agrocenter is general distributor and representatives in Macedonia for AC hybrid corn seeds.

List of registered seeds of corn

AS Hibrid 41


Description of AS Hybrid 41

Single cross hybrid is characterized with high potential fertility is primarily intended for direct harvest in grain. Release of moisture from the grain itself is very fast. It features a healthy class, length about 20 cm from 14 to 16 rows deep, big, reddish-yellow grains, corn toothed type. Extremely strong and low stem, strong root and low set clip which allows cultivation in larger plantations.

Recommendation: For maximum yields of grains growing need in dense plantations and intensive agricultural mechanization,  especially fertilization. The density of sowing is from 71,000 to 75,000 plants / ha (19 to 20 cm in order). The fertile land to sow thickly, and the poor are rarely fertile.

AS Hibrid 54


Description of AS Hybrid 54

Medium early hybrid with strong roots and rapid onset of growth, elastic stem tolerant of breaking. Classes are equal, always filled to the top, about 22 cm length from 16 to 18 rows of medium-sized reddish-yellow grains. Classes of corn is very thin, which gives very high species of grains at harvest. No barren grains.

Recommendation: Stable yields in all years. Designed for intensive production of dry beans quality flat surfaces with good agro-technical measures. Density of sowing is from 68,000 to 75,000 plants / ha (19 to 22 cm in order). The good production conditions are sown thickly, and rarely bad.

AS Hibrid 62


Description of AS Hybrid 62

Rapid onset of growth, good harvest index, small harvest residue which can be easily plowed. The class is the average length of about 25 cm from 16 to 18 lines sometimes 20 large, healthy, yellow-orange type of toothed grain corn. One of the earliest hybrids FAO 600, quick releases moisture from the grains regarding his group of maturity.

Recommendation: Hybrid for the grain harvest. You can sow on better quality land on which the intensive agro-technical conditions realize maximum yields. Seeding density was 60,000 to 63,000 plants / ha (23 to 24 cm in order) to adjust the conditions of production. The good production conditions are sown thickly, and rarely bad.


AS Hibrid 63


Description of AS Hybrid 63 

Mostly low plant with low set class, very solid stem and strong root. Many large class, averaging about 27 cm long with 14 to 16 rows very large, healthy and yellow grains, thin class. Are picked easily and cleanly, easily stored. No sloping grain if harvesting is delayed.

Recommendation: Suitable for all regions and producers that corn harvested and stored in silos. Well suited to low crops, very well submit the bad conditions of production. Density on sowing is from 53,000 to 59,000 plant / ha (24 to 27 cm in order). The better land sown thickly, and rarely wrong. May well continue in the rare class visit.

AS Hibrid 72


Description of AS Hybrid 72

Low stem, strong root. The leaves are dark green and unusually wide. Classes are low-lying, very large with 20 to 22 rows of grains, and often more. Adapted hybrid, no barren plants, proven over years in the most difficult circumstances. Are picked easily and cleanly. In rare crops significantly extends the class.

Recommendation: With its adaptability suitable for growing in all regions. Record results of good land with intensive agro-technical conditions. Density of sowing is from 59,000 to 64,000 plants / ha (22 to 24 cm in order). The good land is sown thickly, and rarely bad. In arid regions and sandy soil are sown rare (26 to 27 cm in order) using good agro-technical measures.

AS Hibrid 160 Силаж


Description of AS Hybrid 160 silage

Only hybrid for silage registered in Macedonia.

Exclusively high plant with many leaves, often up to 12 leaf above class. Reduced lignin content of the plant significantly increases the protection of silage. maize cob class is compact and very slow tight grains of moisture and prolongs the optimal time to prepare silage. Large class of very coarse grains, soft endosperm which is easily digested by the animal.

Recommendation: Hybrid has been specifically designed for the preparation of whole plant silage, intended to promote quality  and yield of silage. Harvest for better quality land with irrigation and intensive Agro technics . Seeding density was 65,000 to 70,000 herbal / hectare (20 to 22 cm in order) density seeding to adjust the conditions of production. Avoid sandy soil without irrigation. To be treated as the most important crops on your farm.

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