About us

Bis Promet – Agrocenter company is  founded in 1990 by brothers Nikola and Vojo Geroski  in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia.

The vision was to develop our company to raise the rank of a Modern Regional Agrocenter to serve farmers from Bitola, Prespa and Prilep region.

The goal is achieved, established Agrocenter on area of 13 000 m2 and warehouse space of 1400 m2, served by 15 employees.

Within Bispromet-Agrocenter, operate agricultural pharmacies in Bitola and one-Krivogastani Prilep, retail sale of seeds, crop protection solutions and products, fertilizers and raw materials for agriculture .

In agricultural pharmacies and the ground works highly educated professionals Engineers agronomists.

In Agrocenter wholesale we sell fertilizers, seeds,  foil for agricultural and other raw materials. For delivery to farmers own trucks, vans and pickups.

From 2013 we are main importer and distributor for firm Agrosava from Serbia, for famous AS hybrid corn in the territory of the Republic. Macedonia.


We are an authorized buyer of cereals in ultra modern ransom center with latest Italian equipment and silos with capacity of 2000 t, storage grains.

Bispromet Agrocenter is an authorized representative for Macedonia renowned seed house Limagrain from France for wheat, barley, oil rape and sunflower (Limagrain).

Bispromet Agrocenter is representative of seed wheat for Croatian seeds house Agridzhenetiks varieties Victoria Maya and Matea . 

We are authorized manufacturers and developers of certified seeds of cereals. We are modern developing center certified seeds for cereals with the latest technology for cleaning, calibration, chemical treatment and packing of seed company PETKUS ( www.petkus.de) – Germany – PETKUS Technologie GmbH

We are an authorized distributor of agricultural machinery and tractors companies New Holland, Tera, Kuerneland Kuhn and others.

Our motto is:

With quality, prompt delivery, expertise to higher yields and satisfied farmers.

BISPROMET-2 Земјоделска аптека БитолаBispromet-proizvodi